The Execs


Name: Adam Berardinucci
Position: President

B.Eng Mining, 3rd year

Why do I run?
I run because I love to push myself and explore the trails around UBC.  Also, I run to stay in shape and meet new people.

Favorite route
A long trail run through Pacific Spirit Park.

Races I have completed
UBC Fall Classic, UBC Great Trek, and a whole lot of track and cross country meets.

Running goals
I want to stay in shape, and get more runs in regardless of rain.

Other hobbies and interests
Video games, reading, skiing, and sleeping.


Name: Jamie Dearnley
Position: Treasurer

B.Sc Chemistry, 5th year

Why do I run?
To keep this temple of a body looking its best, of course.  Or to catch buses

Favorite route
Across the Lions Gate Bridge and back from my house

Races I have completed
8 Sun Runs, a couple 5Ks and the 2004 Run For Light (the poster for which still hangs on my wall to this very day)

Running goals
Put one foot in front of the other and don’t get hurt!

Other hobbies and interests
Skiing, settling down with a jigsaw puzzle on a cold and rainy winter’s day, and showering love, affection, and money on a hockey team that only ever brings me sadness


Name: Evan Gibbard
Position: Vice President

B.Sc Biology, 3rd year

Why do I run?
I love running for so many reasons. It helps me stay active, relieve stress, and I absolutely love exploring new places while I run. Running gives me a tangible way to push myself in everyday life.

Favorite route
I am relatively new to Vancouver, but I love running around campus and the surrounding parks.

Races I have completed
A couple 5kms, UBC Great Trek 2014, and Cross-country & Track during high school.

Running goals
My goal is to gradually improve and have fun doing it.

Other hobbies and interests
I really like trying new sports! The variety that exists is amazing. I also love hiking, biking and playing piano.

Past executives:
Grace Miura-Wong (President 2015-2017)
Heather Cochrane
Katherine Babcock (President 2014-2015)
Dan Cojocaru
Anna Zimmer
Hasan Nagib (President 2011-2014)
Joshua Moreau (President 2009-2010)
Sandy Yu

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